I have always been attracted to the idea of sharing know-ledge. Last year, I decided to assemble my main cinema references, along with my favourite philosophers, mixed with some personal experiences and storytelling theories. From that on, I have dedicated myself to take care of every single detail of this course and make sure anyone could understand the basic concepts of narrative storytelling. Today it is a great pleasure to offer 'Storytelling for Short Film Screenplays' - an online course available in a variety of languages.

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  • 98% positive reviews

  • 1480  students  

  • 13 lessons (1h50m)

  • 25 additional resources

  • Online and at your own pace

  • Audio: Portuguese

  • Subtitles: English; Español; Italiano; Français; Deutsch

  • Level: Beginner

  • Price: $39.90


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Do you want to host this course in a workshop format at your film school, festival or creative agency? In person & online formats are available.


For full info please contact

The workshop can be held in English, Português & Español

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At first, writing a film script can be a very solitary task. Nonetheless, I really believe in the power of exchange once the writer has landed the base of his/ her story. Discussing your project with an expert can help you to broaden the perspective on your narrative and charac-ters psychology. For this reason - also attending to a demand that emerged naturally from some of my students - I am  very excited to offer a personalised mentorship. A set of one-on-one online meetings developed right according to the needs of your film project. Encounters that aim to raise an effusive debate on the main aspects of your screenplay and encourage you to bring your story to life.

Mentoring sessions can be held in the following languages:

English/ Español/ Português/ Italiano 

Duration of each session: 1h

For full info please contact

  • Single Session $150


I'm very happy to put at your disposal a 15min meeting to understand the profile of your project and explain the mentoring dynamic. Just click on the image on the side to book your appointment.

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In addition to the sessions, packs also include:

  • 30min extra session to get to know your project

         and respective needs

  • Project reading time

  • Development of a personalised mentorship

  • A brief report after each session

  • A final report at the end of the mentorship

  • 'Overview' Mentorship (2 sessions)  $200

  • 'Step-by-step' Mentorship (4 sessions)  $400

  • 'Accurate' Mentorship (8 sessions)  $800