SHE  MADE  IT                                                                 

A  poem  of  broken  interiors  by  Lud  Mônaco



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Title: 'SHE MADE IT'



Running time (in minutes): 4' 

Sound: 5.1

Filming Format: .Mov

Screening Format: DCP/ H264

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

V.O: English









Pre-production: 1 week

Shooting: 4 days 

Post-production: 2 months

Shooting location: 

Datça - Turkey

Budget (approx): £5.000

(Turkey - UK)


"...In 'She Made It', Lud Mônaco incides in a subject that she has developed in most of her short films: the woman confronting with her own destiny. That girl who comes out of the waters and is quickly swallowed by a destroyed and solitary world, gets fully into one of the constants of the director's narratives. Lud Mônaco uses the voice-over with an impeccable perfection and disassembles along just over four minutes a deep reflexion on life and death, with a very meaningful final note about the metaphysical and philosophical elements that caracterizes her work. 'She Made It' reaffirms the narrative maturity of Lud Mônaco, a singular director of impacting sensations and deep reflections."  

By M-F. Ruiz de Villalobos,

Spanish Film Critic (No sólo Cine) 

"Visually and thematically beautiful, Lud Mônaco has created a film that stays with you long after you have watched the last moment."  

Verity  Wislocki,

Production Manager

The Lobster (2015)/ The Imitation Game (2014) 

"This is a poetic and rather philosophical short film which is brilliantly edited, beautifully and elegantly shot. The narrator takes us on a short yet powerful journey into the psyche of an individual, a woman (or a girl even - given that the actress in the film looks very young). The meanings in the film are deep - they allow the audience to question the meaning of life and why we do what we do and what it means when we don't do things in a certain way. There seems to be no right or wrong answer. The images are effective - they represent a sense of broken-ness - perhaps at heart or at life. The colours are well chosen to accompany the poetic nature of the film. Overall, though, the film allows the audience to stop for a minute (or around 4 mins) and think about what it is that we do in life and more importantly why." 

Dr Eylem Atakav 

Senior Lecturer in Film and Television Studies

University of East Anglia 

"Aesthetically imaginative, 'She Made It' is like a razor. The short film unites a strong, eloquent and reverberant thought to the stunted images of a reverie, a silent agony... The pain, the discontent become palpable even if just for a few minutes."  

Reinaldo Glioche,

Entertainment editor of IG web portal (Brazil)



A young lady wanders through the building of an afterparty, meditating on her life. She searches for a way out of her ruined and solitary world but cannot escape confronting her destiny. 


'She Made It' is the result of visiting an incredible country in deep crisis. But in the middle of the chaos and uncertainty appeared the poetics of decadence: unfinished constructions, collapsed buildings, abandoned houses surrounded by natural beauty. In Datça there was a painting everywhere I looked.


Such landscape inspired me to illustrate cinematically the incertitudes that youths of my generation may empathise. 'She Made It' is a mood piece about a tormented young lady who is in search of a relief for her restlessnesses. It's a meditation on one’s broken interior, starring an apathetic and minimalistic performance by a disheveled hair girl, shifting around a solitary and spoiled world. She's haunted by insecurity regarding love, truth and the future. 

The editing intercalates images of the character in the sea and wandering through a ruined building. It intends to create a parallel between two different worlds, the meditative reality and the spiritual. The collage of multitudinous locations and overwhelming visual cues aim to evoke the passage of time one experiences when meditating. The audience may have the feeling that the piece was longer than it actually is. The sonorous design is composed by elements inherent in the landscape, mixed with the sounds of the protagonist's reflection and feelings. It seeks to create an intense and evolving mood and is determining in to struct this experimental narrative.


24 hours with dishevelled hair and no sleep, the film is about this girl but also all of us, troopers of existence.


Talent: Catarina Rodrigues

Written & Directed by Lud Mônaco

Executive Producer: Yeşim Guzelpinar (Balik Arts)

Co-producer: Diyarbakir Cevre ve Kalkinma Dernegi

Assistant Director: Oğulcan Köyler

Camera and DOP: Mehmet Cenk Cinaloğlu

Gaffer: Mustafa Şeker

Focus Puller: Hasan Baltacı

Camera Assistants:

Mustafa Şeker

Muhammed Özçelik

Dolly Operator: Mustafa Şeker

Best Boys: Muhammed Özçelik & Berat Karakaş

Producers: Mehmet Cenk Cinaloğlu & Lud Mônaco

Production Manager:  Yusuf Sönmez

Production Assistants:

Ali İçen

Barış Çelikel 

Runner: Büşra Güngör

Sound Design & Re-recording mixer

Mario Martinez Cobos

Voice-over Recorder: Görkem Adır

Voice-over Interpreter: Lud Mônaco

Original Soundtrack: Mark Aanderud

Clarinets & Flute: Daniel Zlotnik

Editing: Lud Mônaco & Martina Piazza 

Color Grading: Martina Piazza

Production Designer: Lud Mônaco

Art Directorİrem Gültekin

Wardrobe & Make-up:

Gizem Çapan

Handenur Erdoğan

Script translation & Turkish interpreters:

Oğulcan Köyler 

Eda Bülbül 

Öykü Eğri

Italian subtitles:

Giosuè Prezioso

German subtitles:

Myriam Prezioso 

Catering & Accommodation: 

Bayraklı Hotel 

Hüseyin Koç Volkan Koç 

Tuğçe Koç 

Fatih Hasan Can 

Kemal Keleş 

Sevim Nilüfer 

Kaan Gümüş

Additional Sponsors:

Görkem Adır 

Handenur Erdoğan 

Kamil Sönmez 

Mesut Keleş

Behind the scenes:

Metin Doğan

Murat Yüksel 

Emine Şelli


Yesim Guzelpinar/ Inez Martina Mihaldinecz/ Alexandra-Maria Cocis/ Beverley Carpenter/ Qasim Iqbal/ Öykü Eğri/ Oscar George Pope/ Eda Bülbül/ Maira Watanabe Falseti/ Farhan Qadir Ahmed/ Finlay Cox/ Jabraiz Arshad/ Mohammad Abas/ Hakan Egri/ Zara Mirabelle Cooper/ Ceren Özbudun/ Eleanor Alice Sanders Wright/ Simone Claire Dembitzer/ Daniel Szalay/ Sadie Few/ Burcu Eğri/ Mehmetcan Uçar/ Cemre Can/ Metin Doğan/ Büşra Demirbaş/ Ayşe Petek Kadıoğlu/ Büşra Güngör/ Murat Çesme/ Fatma Gizen Çapan/ Fatma Nur Yoğuran/ Yakup Aktürk/ Görkem Adır/ Kamuran Berat/ Karakas Muhittin/ Suat Caner Lokman/ Ayzit Sefa Çobanoglu/ Yalçin Altinsoy/ Berfin Salihouglu/ Emine Şelli/ Büsra Güngor/ Mehmet Canuçar/ Fatih Sultan/ Dincer Seyhmus/ Yildiz Misbah Kömür/ Mehmet Harun/ Özer Süleyman/ Karadag Büsra/ Demirbas Handenur/ Ergogan Leyla Adlim/ Ayse Petek/ Kadioglu/ Kagan Gökdeniz

Yuichiro Kikuma/ Charlotte Seebeck/ Fabian Altenried/ Amina Handke 


Born in São Paulo in 1987, Lud Mônaco is a Brazilian screenwriter & director, whose work explores the female universe. She studied film at the Barcelona Film School (ECIB) and her graduation project 'Para, pero sigue' was awarded best short film at the Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival. Names such as Peter Handke were amongst the awarding panel. The film was also bought by the well-known platform ShortsTV.

Many of her short films have been featured in major festivals, such as the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Mix Brasil and Sitges Film Festival. Her work has also been showcased in the prestigious Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo. 'Enjoy the Drama', one of her short films, has been released in a collection by the Peccadillo Pictures. Lud Mônaco has been selected for the Berlinale Talents 2017 and and is currently developing her debut feature film, a tragicomedy set in Portugal. 


Based in both Barcelona and London, Lud has recently moved in to commercials, with her first project shooting for Uber. She is represented by Albiñana Films in Spain and Stable TV in the UK.


Yeşim Güzelpınar is the founder and director of UK based charity Balik Arts and the director of Golden Island International Film Festival in North Cyprus. Originally born in Turkey, she has an MSc in European Social Policy from LSE. Her career has primarily focused on community development work with disadvantaged groups and the promotion of culture, arts and film. Filmmaking workshops, screenings and transnational partnership projects are among the main projects she runs. She is also a programmer in Dhaka International Film Festival. 

Balik Arts is a UK registered charity and non-profit company. We are set up to work with vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people specialising in provision of education, training and diversion programmes through arts. We aim to increase young people’s engagement in their society and create a positive sense of citizenship. 



Diyarbakir Cevre ve Kalkinma Dernegi is a ONG based in Diyarbakir, South East Turkey. As a continuous development provider, we are committed to ensure the exchange of practical knowledge and skills.


We work for social development of young people in Diyarbakir and we organise activities to improve their social development. Diyarbakir Cevre ve Kalkinma Dernegi believes that the future of our society depends on the skills that young people will start acquiring from today.


Based on this belief, our association keeps making an effort to create a youth policy which aims to benefit young people, especially the ones who have economic, educational, social, physical and geographical obstacles.





Lud Mônaco

+44 (0) 7497696447

+34 645-148-538

Completion date: September 2017

World Premiere: 16th Dhaka International Film Festival (January 2018 - Bangladesh)


Art Galleries

- Angus-Hughes Gallery (Summer Salon Screening 2017 - London, UK)


- 4th Ce L'ho Corto (Bologna, IT)

- 17th Mostra do Filme Livre (Rio de Janeiro, BR)

- 64th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (DE) * Cover Page of Festival's Magazine *

- Bienal Internacional Dona i Cinema "Official Selection Videoart" (Valencia, SPA)

- Mostra Viva del Mediterrani - "Videocreación" - 2019 (Valencia, SPA)