"A night's journey into day"


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A young woman crosses a threshold and enters a strange & unknown universe. A space of dualities where she ceaselessly seeks for unity. But for that, she has to pass through and overcome rough & desert landscapes on her own. This is an audiovisual trilogy of a night's journey into day.

3.APRIL 2020 

The dark Spanish lockdown

'Residencia' arises spontaneously during the quarantine period in Barcelona. It begins to take shape due to the need for exchange, accompaniment & catharsis between two artists, Fernanda Aleman & Lud Mônaco, who transformed their days into words and shared music, creating a maelstrom of relief with the absence of future as the axis. Discovering and accepting a confinement that was, still is and will be constant. The internal confinement. To live in a different place than your own. Only different as one doesn't know what 'that' place really is...

Barcelona, 20th of April 2020

"... Try to play with time and so the nightmare won't be when we wake up - but when we really choose it to be. Even though I could stop time, I have only pushed it. I never braked - I really don't know if I want to. I don't know if I dare to see all of this anonymous and broken..."

Barcelona, 22nd of April 2020

"... Pain justifies my human character as I travel to full consciousness. Where everything is tuned and only a single voice stands out, accompanied by the great background orchestra with all my defeats and victories. I celebrate the march towards the reconquest..."


'Residencia' is a timeless journey where innermost worlds coexist. Where all of our realities fuse unprejudiced together. Where we allow ourselves to create our own universe, without guidelines but led by a conscious and intuitive feel. I believe that only Lud could illustrate this story, since the synergy of our worlds was spontaneous and inseparable and is consequently reflected in each scene. Also, to bring to life this universe, it was such a unique experience to have Cayetano on board. With dedication and spontaneity, he knew how to embody the right spirit to take advantage of what the 'here & now' offered us on each shooting day. It was and still is something magical, where music and image are no longer one without the other. 

Fernanda Aleman - Musician & Producer (Instagram/ Spotify)

One night in April during the dark Spanish Lockdown, I received the first demo of ‘Residencia’. As I listened to it I instantly felt a call. A recidivist certainty that invited me to make an accompanied journey. To experience and inhabit denied innermost spaces through shared creation. Thus began this ride never done before, in which I wrote a story about what Fernanda had already written.


The song has a non-classical structure - such attribute made a lot of room to visually innovate. 'Residencia' is like a sound trilogy connected by a thread of disquiets that share a common denominator. The lyrics portray an inner search aimed to ‘unbelong’, to encounter and consequently self-affirm. At first to me, the electronic rhythm evoked a nocturnal, lonely, rough and distant universe. We then put together a variety of urban, abstract and mystical landscapes, with the purpose of illustrating ‘Residencia’ in an ontological way. The dynamics

with Cayetano has been unique and fluid, leading to our visual universes completing naturally. We aimed to capture raw realism - a sincere and authentic atmosphere through the mix of formats, assuming their innate noises & textures. Images with freshness and liveliness, born from contingency and that would create the mood of this inner search.


Conceived from a unique and at the same time plural place, ‘Residencia’ has not only added life to my days of confinement, but also opened new spaces where to transit. It has definitely been a pleasure to share this experience with Fernanda and Cayetano.

 Lud Mônaco - Writer & Director (bio/ Instagram

Fernanda Aleman is a very talented and creative artist. Lud Mônaco had some great ideas for this project and I decided to jump on board. All three of us were very excited - we were going to experiment and explore right after an intense lockdown that happened in Barcelona. I think we were all a bit emotional and open to new ideas. It was great! I personally love portraits and the psychology beneath them. I love space and metaphysics, and of course music. Here we had the three of them! We worked hard, but we had a lot of fun during the week we shot this music video. It’s always nice to get creative next to talented friends. I’m happy we made it possible.


Cayetano González - Director & DOP (bio / Instagram)


Song composed & produced by Fernanda Aleman
Mix/ Master by Claus Vega

Music Video


Fernanda Aleman

Directed by 

Lud Mônaco & Cayetano González

Written by

Lud Mônaco

DOP Cayetano González

Drone OP & Gaffer Jonathan Ros

Digital Camera OP Cayetano González

VHS Camera OP Lud Mônaco

Editing Lud Mônaco

Color Grading Cayetano González

Credits Animation Héctor Noguera

Many thanks to:

Albiñana Films/ La Negra Factory/ La Casa de la Pradera (Raval)

Mutuo Studio (Tomás Aristimuño)/ Akasha Hub Bcn/ Ricardo Albiñana/ Dani Vázquez Catá/ Gabriel Cohen/ Nicolás Sola

Title: "Residencia"


Running time: 3' 

Filming Format: HD/ Betacam

Screening Format:

ProRes 422 (HQ)/ H264

Aspect Ratio: 16:09/ 4:03

Audio: Spanish

Subtitles: English

Developed & shot during the Spanish lockdown

Shooting location



(SPAIN 2020)

Residencia - by Fernanda Aleman
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Lud Mônaco (Music Video)

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+34 645-148-538

Fernanda Aleman (Music)

+ 34 642-569-730

Completion date: 23th of August, 2020