"The  future  is  a  forbidden  subject  in  the  meeting  of  lovers."


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2. Director's Statement & Stills

3. Crew & Specifications

4. Director's Bio

5. Oranges Soundtrack

6. Avant Premiere

(Venue: Utopia 126, Bcn/SPA)

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Night. Around 10pm. A young woman dives into her memories of an ex-lover, recalling dream-like images and sounds. While writing about the end of the affair she intensively revivifies it, reliving it all over again, all the way back until the day they met. Unexpectedly, she then reaches an answer she had not been looking for.


This project started at a cafe in Barcelona when a friend asked me what I was going to do in France. I told him I was going to shoot a love story that I still did not know. The next day I was on a bus to Normandy, thinking of all my past relationships, when I started brainstorming 'Oranges'. I was beginning to enter the state of love. The state of falling in love and being present; connected to the current moment. Instantly I became a witness to every form of life that was manifesting around me. The whisper that would reveal the concern of a stranger. The trees that would constantly disappear in the window of a moving car. I was taken by a restless search for a future that was not over yet. I was obsessed with collecting genuine images that would rhyme regardless of their different contexts. The situations were all connected by a common denominator: an adventurous spirit that would turn two strangers into lovers. Their thirst for freedom was beyond any clock movement; any sound of a plane taking off; each and every idea that could warn them they were ephemeral. None of them cared if it all could lead to the downfall of Troy. They were busy falling in love! And just by recalling the beauty, the end could be bearable.

For me, the images of a breakup are not worth showing for too long. A voice was enough to speak out the sorrow, but only under the condition of getting overwhelmed by the most beautiful images of two lovers in love with life! I aimed to tell a story that viewers would feel sorry for an outcome that did not imply to their lives. 'Oranges' is an overdose of information inspired by a true romance. It is not about understanding all, but feeling.


This project was written, produced and shot in forty-eight hours. I met each member of the crew just the day before the shooting and invited them to be part of a film that I had yet not written. Luckily, they said yes and wrote it with me.



Eglantine Sans & Lola Andreoni

Written & Directed

by Lud Mônaco

Executive Producer Off-Courts

In Collaboration with Albiñana Films

Camera & Cinematography Jean-François Gauthier

Production Assistant Djahid Zebiche

Script translation Lucía Salvador

Editing Pedro Brum

Color Grading Jordi Murillo - Enefecto

Sound Design & Sound Re-recording mixer

Jean-François Gauthier

Original Soundtrack 

'Departing Hearts' by Mark Aanderud

Singer Davy Lions

Guitar Jurandir Santana

Violin João Silva

Voice-over Recorder Romain Allender

Voice-over Interpreter Lola Andreoni



Annie-Christine Blanloeil

Marie Desoubeaux

Isabelle Le Guern

Virginie Lederfajn

Ricardo Albiñana JR

Benjamin Ribolet

Christine Guillaume

Juliana Coelho

Lucas Villavecchia

Henry Huang

Lorenzo Patuzzo 


Everybody who danced


Title: "Oranges"


Running time: 7' 

Sound: Stereo

Filming Format: 2K

Screening Format:

DCP/ ProRes 422 (HQ)/ H264

Aspect Ratio: 2:35

V.O: French





Written, shot & cut in 48hours

Shooting location

Trouville-Sur-Mer, Normandy






Born in São Paulo in 1987, Lud Mônaco is a Brazilian screenwriter & director, whose work explores the female universe. She studied film at the Barcelona Film School (ECIB) and her graduation project 'Para, pero sigue' was awarded best short film at the Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival. Names such as Peter Handke were amongst the awarding panel. The film was also acquired by the well-known platform ShortsTV.

Many of her short films have been featured in major festivals, such as the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Mix Brasil and Sitges Film Festival. Her work has also been showcased in the prestigious Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo. 'Enjoy the Drama', one of her short films, has been released in a collection by the Peccadillo Pictures. Lud Mônaco has been selected for the Berlinale Talents 2017 and and is currently developing her debut feature film, a tragicomedy set in Portugal. 


Based in both Barcelona and London, Lud has recently moved in to commercials, with her first project shooting for Uber. She is represented by Albiñana Films in Spain and Stable TV in the UK.

Departing Hearts - by Mark Aanderud
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Lud Mônaco

+44 (0) 7497696447

+34 645-148-538

Completion date: March 2019


 * Avant Premiere: Utopia 126 (Barcelona - March 2019) *

- GiF (Girls in Film) Anniversary event (London, UK - March 2019)

- Platforms Project (Independent art fair - Atenas, Greece - May 2019) - The film is part of a selection of artwork in a variety of media presented by Darling Pearls & Co

- XVI OutfestPerú (Lima, Peru - June 2019) - Official Selection

- 31st Vancouver Queer Film Festival (Vancouver, Canada - August 2019) - Official Selection

- 25ème Festival du film LGBT de Paris "Chéries Chéris" (Paris, France - November 2019) - Official Selection

12th Cine Movilh - Festival Internacional de Cine LGBTIQ+ (Santiago, Chile - October 2019) - Official Selection

Ce L'ho Corto Film Festival (Bologna, Italy - November 2019) - Official Selection

- 11th International Queer Film Festival MERLINKA (Belgrade, Serbia - December 2019) - Official Selection

- 8th La otra Banqueta - Festival de cine por la diversidad sexual (Guatemala City, Guatemala - November 2019) - Official Selection

- LOOP Festival 2019 (Barcelona, Spain - November 2019) - City Screen 'Pol & Grace Hotel'

FIRE!! 24a MOSTRA INTERNACIONAL de CINEMA GAI i LESBIÀ (Barcelona, Spain - June 2020) - Official Selection

14th Serile Filmului Gay International Film Festival (Cluj-Napoca, Romania - May 2020) - Official Selection

14th Vox Feminae Festival (Croatia - May 2020) - Official Selection

21st Korea Queer Film Festival (Seoul - June 2021) - Official Selection