Handycam experiments shot & cut by Lud Mônaco.

La Boheme

A film projector, a handycam and

Isabelle Montoya. (2016)


Live Audio: Isabelle Montoya, voice & guitar.



Summer Tears

A video art about a road summer trip. (2015)

With Carlota Orobitg

Audio: Music by "Julie Cruise  - Summer kisses, winter tears"



São Paulo em uma mordida     

(São Paulo in one bite)

A synthesis of Downtown São Paulo.

Two weeks of wanderings to record the everyday and its characters, the architecture and cultural life, and the race for daily bread in the center of São Paulo.

Audio: Music by "Chico Science & Nação Zumbi - Coco Dub"



About Sonia's nights. (2013)


Audio: Spanish 

Subtitles: Português


La Caldera del Diablo     

(The Devil's Cauldron)

Lud Mônaco plays a monologue about  her hometown and its inhabitants. (2010)

Audio: Spanish 


Everybody Knows (Mic in Hand,  Idea in Head - A sound short story)

An ordinary human being wakes up and lives his ordinary modern routine. (2014)


(Sound Recorder: Zoom H4N; Editing program: Pro Tools/ Credits: Windows Movie Maker)

Audio: Italian; Music by "Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows"


La Búsqueda de la Verdad

(The Search for the Truth)

Amadeo is stuck in front of a wall and never dares to cross it. He falls asleep and dreams of the other side. Amadeo is now ready to wake up. (2011)

Lud Mônaco's first short film, shot with an 8mm camera - 1 take per shot


Audio: Music by "Pink Floyd - Cluster One/ The Great Gig In The Sky"


The Limit     

A camera addicted to truth. (2012)

Audio: English