It was hard to leave, but I had to. A year has gone and we haven't talked for a long time. I know nothing about her, but once every so I get some news from my dreams. Last night as soon as I shut my eyes I met her again...

... We were in a party, she was wearing a mask. I wasn't expecting to see her at all, neither she was. We had noticed each other, but we hadn't greeted yet. She was playing the piano and I observed her, but even though she was doing it good, I couldn't appreciate her talent as I used to. It was sad, but I was glad. Finally, for the first time I could feel I was cured.

On the other hand I also felt an obligation to approach her and get as close as I could, just to prove I was truly ready to abandon her. Unfortunately it was a dream and right as I decided to come closer, the lights went off. I went to one side and she went to another... End of the party. 

Fortunately it was a dream and outside the venue I saw her again. She was on her own, looking sad without the mask and apparently waiting for a bus that arrived by the time I realised her sadness. But my courage to approach was vanished, and I could only watch her jumping on the bus and see the vehicle starting to move. Although, while watching it all


happening in a frozen position, 
I worried 
and an anguish started fulfilling my heart 
as I didn't know when I'd dream with her again 
and get the chance to talk and 
ask why the dream we lived in conscious 
had to end up that way, 
in random unconscious meetings... 





Fragments II, a short dream-mare


13th of July, 2014, 7:13am – Barcelona's room

So I ran with all my strength in the hope to reach the bus, already a few meters away. As I got a little closer I quickly realised I only had one chance, and without hesitation I jumped and I threw myself against the bus doors. The driver stopped instantly and opened it. He looked at me, I was still on the floor, proud of my new wounds. He warned me the ticket was expensive, but I nodded and entered the vehicle. I knew the price to get into that bus. The driver restarted the engineer as I walked deep down the aisle to sit by her side, and see her leaning her head in the hands, as she always did before.