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By revisiting her past, a young woman realises she can finally move on with her life.


"What happens when one decides to open a door? What happens when we let someone cross the threshold of the door which leads to our intimacy? Lud's short is developed in this context, which speaks about interiors. Interiors in solitude and also shared ones. Sometimes so briefly shared that one fails to realize the miracle. Lud speaks of the nudity of people and spaces, anxieties and desires, the waiting in front of doors that connect to worlds. It tells us about the fragility and longing for permanence, '...I write to stay alive...' And finally it proposes us the path of acceptance on which the enjoyment is possible, if we cross the door to face ourselves. Enjoy the Drama."


By Víctor Carrera,

International Relations & Sales of TV3



"We have been really impressed with 'Enjoy the drama' and we appreciate the way it captures unconscious emotional reactions, as well as its refined cinematography and sapient use of close-ups reminding us of Athina Rachel Tsangari's early work."


By CinéWomen Team, 

Digital Magazine of Women's Cinema & Performing Arts


"Love stories always amaze me, even when they end in solitude. Lud Mônaco captures the everyday poetry. Beautiful."


By Tata Amaral, 

Brazilian Director


"An example of intelligent cinema. Its well-crafted staging, poignant script, wise use of voice-over and superb direction of the actresses all make ‘Enjoy the Drama’, written and directed by Lud Mônaco, an instance of brilliant narrative film creation and emotional & dramatic development."


By M-F. Ruiz de Villalobos,

Catalan Film Critic 



"'Enjoy the drama' is an exercise with an intense visual style, almost hypinotic, which through the camera movements and a suggestive voice-over, allows us to discover a piece that, as the title suggests, we enjoy the drama that is presented (and Lud enjoys it indeed). Pure talent."


By Jordi Comellas,

Executive Producer and Director of the Zoom Festival



"Both a young and mature film at the same time. The pace of the narrative, the love scenes, the talent of the actresses, the beauty of the editing and the soundtrack all contributed to my enjoyment of the film. It’s a beautiful composition that reveals a talented direction. Watch it, you will like it."


By Silvio Tendler, 

Brazilian Documentary Filmmaker



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Running time: 5' 53''

Sound: Stereo

Filming Format: ProRes 422 (HQ)

Screening Format: DCP/ ProRes 422 (HQ)/ H264

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

V.O: French






Pre-production: 1 week


1 day (8 hours approx.)

Post-production: 1 month

Shooting location

Rue Dorchester, Quebec City - Canada


(Canada/ Brazil 2015)






Marie-Hélène Beaudry

Yannick Nolin

Alejandro Gomez

Sarah Múnera

Virginie Dubois

Felipe Martinez U

Julia Mantell

Carlos Uribe

Marie France Auger

Vanessa Hebding

Gulcin Bekar

Alejandro Gomez

Maude Caron

Margherita Lo Verde

Jonathan Doherty 

Simbad, le chat



Maggie Caporal and Tatiana Grasso

Written & Directed by Lud Mônaco

Assistant Director: Laura Petitjean

Executive Producer: Kinomada

Camera and DOP: Alfredo Castruita

Photography Assistants:

Hugo Caro Olvera and Guillermo Adame Art Direction and Wardrobe Supervisor:

Clarissa Rebouças

Sound Design: Gabriel Cohen Tarica

Sound Re-recording mixer:

Andres Montaña

Original Soundtrack: Mark Aanderud

Singer: Renee Mooi

Editing: Lud Mônaco and Lucía Varni

Color Grading: Martina Oyhenard 

Shooting Still: Hugo Caro Olvera

Script translation and Voice-Over

Maggie Caporal





Role: Actress

Bio: Tatiana Grasso is an inspiring actress with a well-established career worldwide, including acting work in France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Australia, United States and Canada. She completed her Performing Arts degree in Brazil and her Masters in France and has been acting in French, English and Brazilian Portuguese.




Role: Director of Photography

Bio: In May 2011, the mexican filmmaker Alfredo Castruita traveled to France, invited by "Cannes Film Festival", to present his short film "Gustavo". This project was his thesis at the film academy "The Los Angeles Film School" (in Hollywood), and his entry pass to the famous film festival.




Role: Sound Designer

Bio: Gabriel is a sound and music lover who graduated as a sound technician in 2005, at the "Argentinian School Tec-Son". At the same time, he was also studying music at the "Conservatory Manuel de Falla". He now dedicates himself to both sound design and post-production, as well as music with his band "The Cannibal Queen". 




Role: Actress

Bio: Maggie arrived in France swimming, after an argument with her parents. Rebel without a cause at 5, she was taken to an orphanage runned by nuns in Bordeaux, far from the sea. There she began her acting career in the church theater, but at 16 she was abused by one of the devouts and escaped the orphanage, kicking off a critical phase referred as "when she went astray". (Fictitious bio due to lack of info)



Role:  Art Director & Wardrobe Supervisor

Bio: Clarissa Rebouças is a Brazilian writer and director who also teaches script at film writing workshops. She's written and shot five short films and three documentaries. Clarissa is now seeking funding for her first feature. In her spare time she helps Lud with the art direction of her short films. 




Role: Sound re-recording mixer

Bio: Production sound mixer and sound designer for documentaries, fiction, commercials and anything related to sound+image. Andres has studied sound and worked in films both in Colombia and the United Kingdom. For more info visit his website www.amdsonido.com

MARK AANDERUD is known as a mexican-american avant-garde pianist, composer and producer raised in Mexico City. He has toured and recorded worldwide for over a decade with his own projects, as well as with the Grammy winner Progressive Rock band The Mars Volta and Avant-garde artists like Tim Berne, David Gilmore, Stomu Takeishi, Bill McHenry and pop stars Natalia Lafourcade and Ximena Sariñana. He has recorded more than 15 albums as a leader and more than 40 as a sideman. He now lives in Barcelona and besides touring he is a composer and producer for film music. Mark had mexican star singer-composer Renee Mooi as a guest on the soundtrack of the short-film "Enjoy the Drama" by Lud Mônaco. 



Original - Mark Aanderud & Renee Mooi

Born in São Paulo in 1987, Lud Mônaco is a Brazilian screenwriter & director, whose work explores the female universe. She studied film at the Barcelona Film School (ECIB) and her graduation project 'Para, pero sigue' was awarded best short film at the Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival. Names such as Peter Handke were amongst the awarding panel. The film was also acquired by the well-known platform ShortsTV.

Many of her short films have been featured in major festivals, such as the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Mix Brasil and Sitges Film Festival. Her work has also been showcased in the prestigious Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo. 'Enjoy the Drama', one of her short films, has been released in a collection by the Peccadillo Pictures. Lud Mônaco has been selected for the Berlinale Talents 2017 and and is currently developing her debut feature film, a tragicomedy set in Portugal. 


Based in both Barcelona and London, Lud has recently moved in to commercials, with her first project shooting for Uber. She is represented by Albiñana Films in Spain and Stable TV in the UK.

By Bruna Ximenes
By Bruna Ximenes

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By Bruna Ximenes
By Bruna Ximenes

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"Enjoy the Drama" is the story of a girl who decides to relive her memories. She walks into the House of the Past and sets free a collage of moments, without fearing the pain nor the joy it awakens. The lack of ordered memories is in order to transmit the chaos which dwells in the human mind. "Enjoy the Drama" stirs thoughts and arouses questions which can only be examined and answered once the piece finishes. The voiceover is a powerful narrative element and allows deep insights, both through its words and its tone. The protagonist's past consists of a range of emotions shot with freedom and intensity, by a camera that assumes the position of a silent cat inside the house. 


"Enjoy the Drama" is a short but intense love story set mainly in the warm interior of a Quebecois house. The "mise en scène" is alive due to both interpreters living each moment the way they feel it. I have relied on the internal movement of the shots to preserve the freshness of memories, and have decided to streamline the narrative through a variety of situations and their inherent moods. The voiceover contrasts with the images to empower the sensations and generate an ambiguous atmosphere. This, I believe, successfully illustrates the feminine universe and its way of loving. 



June 2015

-5th Biennal Edition of CinéWomen (Germany)


October 2015

-1st Lights, Camera, CURE! (Canada)

-15th The Barcelona International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 

November 2015

-23º Festival Mix Brasil de Cultura da Diversidade 

-1a edició de Bibliocurts Festival de Curtmetratges de Biblioteques de Barcelona

December 2015

-Ce l'ho Corto, Rassegna di Cortometraggi (Italy)

January 2016

-17th annual Reelout Queer Film + Video Festival (Canada)

March 2016

-15ª MFL Mostra do Filme Livre (Brazil)

-30th BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival

June 2016

-Vilnius LGBT* Festival "Kreivès" 2016 (Lithuania)

October 2016

-25º Festival de Cine de Madrid FCM-PNR

-Shorts On Tap (London - UK)

November 2016

-QUEER-Streifen Regensburg 2016 (Germany)


-Independientes Primer Festival de Cortometrajes (Peru)

-FIRE!! 22a Mostra Internacional de Cinema Gai i Lesbià (Barcelona)

-THE SHORTEST DAY (Palma de Mallorca)


-The Bush Films (NY - US)


(+34) 645-148-538 (Europe & UK)

(+44) 07497696447








Kinomada (Canada)

(+1) 418-262-1425 




Interview with Lud Mônaco for "The New Current" an UK Arts & Culture site:

DVD Release: 24/07/2017

On-Demand: 21/07/2017