A Lovely Afternoon

A few days ago I was looking for a freelance job, sitting in my room with the window slightly open. Suddenly a bee flew in and I stopped to observe the little insect. It was struggling to find the way out and I then tried to show it, but the bee apparently got angry. So I just left it to freely find its own way and returned to my observer position. I confess I felt pity to passively watch the bee repeatedly beating itself against the glass and the walls... The little insect was in clear despair! But all of a sudden a smooth breeze broke into my room and enlighten my afternoon, when I saw that small piece of living-being perfectly making its way out by following the wind. For an instant I felt a complete state of fulness for being part of such perfect and wise forces that are at work throughout the universe, the sum of which is called nature. When I looked back at my email I had a new job offer on my inbox. I opened the message, read it and closed it. I opened the message, read it and closed it again.











Then I went downstairs and joined the bees at the garden. We had such a lovely afternoon!